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The first family of priests commenced their administrations at noon on a Sabbath (Saturday) and they were relieved of duty the following Sabbath at noon.

The Bible said they (2 Chronicles 23:8; 2 Kings 11:5).

This does not mean Jesus was exactly two years old at the time.

The fact that all children two years and under were slain shows that Herod was taking every possible interpretation of the Magi into account for the time of Jesus birth.

Josephus, the Jewish historian, was also a priest and he mentioned that he was a member of the first course called that of Jehoiarib. Under the authority of Ezra, the remaining four were divided back into the former number.

The course in which Zechariah served was the eighth, that of Abijah (1 Chronicles ). Something had to be done to restore the twenty-four courses to their ordained service in the temple as commanded by David.

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A good boyfriend knows when to talk, and when to listen; when to offer advice, and when to offer sympathy; when to shower her with attention, and when to give her some space.

The second course then began its service in the second week; the third course the third week, etc.

Since each course administered for one week, it follows that there was a twenty-four week period for each of the courses to have its chance of serving. When this was accomplished, the series started all over again.

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