Adult dating avinger texas

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She sold me a mare that supposely had won a saddle with 4-h . This mare don't even know how to neck rein, knows nothing about leg cues and don't even know how to walk straight. On agdirect her name was Holly owner was Teresa Price in Cooper Tx, after I get her I see the exact same horse on freehorseads and her name is Heidu in Pittsburg, Tx.

The horse is a nine year old and has not been transfered since she was two. She claims she was her own personal horse, but she ended up with three different names.

You may have a complaint but with all horse purchases its BUYER BEWARE. So go back to your crazy accusations about me being someone else... Call all the the sites that sell horses and see if they have had complaints on her. If anyone would like I can email you all these copies of her fake ranchs and cities along with the phone number on it.

It sort of sounds like you have no complaint just want to. If I am lying please anyone that dont believe me call Texas Ranger and ask about Patricia Wilson Avinger Tx 903-225-5727 Why is is I have tried to email this Monica and gave her my phone number she dont call back ? Why does she have to use fake names, ranch names and cities if she was a honest person? after searching for months we wired 00.00 INTO PATRICIAS ACCOUNT for a beginner safe allaround gelding for our 10 yr old daughter . I contacted a lawyer and we are still trying to figure out how to get back at her.

She also told me I would have to sign a five month contract if I sold her she could get her back . I've purchased a horse from Patricia Wilson, in the past. There are several folks who have been taken by her.

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The above with hear she drugs horses etc SPEAKS VOLUMES... You see, Ms Wilson, we are all familiar with your disguising tactics.

Why also do you have so many alias names and ranch names, plus all these fake cities in East Texas.

But they all have the same numbers 903-742-9942 903-562-0777 903-582-1599 .

Ive sent several of my clients directly and havent heard a complaint one. If you, or other readers, would care to look up Ms Wilson on Rip-Off, Dream Horse Forum, TX Rangers web, or check with TX as well as IL victims league, you will see that Ms Wilson is guilty of many horse dealing offenses. I would truly recommend that you seek professional help, for the psychosis that you seemingly suffer from.

She even has been convicted of false medical records for the horses she has sold. I am wondering why, if you are in PA, do you purchase horses from her in TX? Many of the unfortunate folks that you deal with, have suffered physical and financial burdens, due to you apparent greed. Okay Monica (PATRICIA WILSON) why on all the boards about you we have not seen these pleased client s?

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