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I would like Irish 49/55 years please, honest trust worthy and caring....Good sense of humour who has a love of pets, I prefer single, with no attachments, kind and that is happy being friends before anything else, near..They want a generous sugar daddy upon whom they can practice English. The most exciting thing they may ever do in their lives is to travel as your companion. With any luck, your new mistress will spend a lot of time serving you homemade specialities from her country's kitchen, in addition to her furry oyster.Lately, we have been with a 22 year old coffee-colored beauty queen for more than two months. We also enjoy meeting new people from different cultures.Hi how are you, write to me soon, love hearing and learning about people who are like me, very sweet, travel when they can, get on good with their family and love people, animals and everything really !! Hello, I am looking for friends in Athens mainly as this is where I will spend summer and wish to have company while there.

From the glamour and hype of Europe to the secluded orgies in the jungles of Brazil. Delicious beauties in all shapes and sizes; and they are ours -- for a week, or a day, or an hour, or forever -- if we want them. A prolonged and healthy holiday can give you new force and more vitality.Especially if these people turn out to be single, young beauties aged 16 years and up (whatever is legal in her country).We sometimes live with these girls for a month, two months, or even more. A bachelor reader writes: In 1967 when I joined a seismic exploration company, I went to work in Papua New Guinea, Bangkok, Indonesia, Philippines and Taiwan.Recently, we had some memorable days (and nights) with an absolutely stunning and very well-educated young lady whom we met in a night club in Abidjan, home to the most spirited night life of Africa. There, a kindhearted and generous foreigner is the best thing in the world, to many very delicious local girls. The simple fact remains that these women are literally CRAZY IN LOVE with guys like me! Scores of pretty girls all over the world -- none of them prostitutes!While passing the time with her, your author realized that although he was pushing sixty and looked it, he could still attract the most beautiful women in the world. Middle-aged uglies that even computer dating clubs would reject in countries like the UK or USA. In countries like Thailand, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, and Brazil, we have spent many pleasant months in the agreeable company of good-looking, young girls.

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