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With his scarlet running shirt, lean frame, and megawatt smile, Allen glows like a supernova as he holds court over an enormous plate of eggs and bacon and smashed tater tots.

The 57-year-old is just back from his third year running the 31-mile ultramarathon at Burning Man, the storied Haight-Ashbury-meets-Mad-Max carnival of art, anti-commerce, and radical gifting in the Nevada desert.

He treats everyone like his new best friend and begins each conversation with, “Hi. He’s made a regional name for himself after deciding to run the Boston Marathon not just on Patriot’s Day, but also to kick off each new year.

I’m Gary Allen,” assuming that’ll mean something to the person listening. He’s the founder of the Mount Desert Island Marathon and the Great Run, a six-hour ultramarathon where competitors simply run back and forth on Great Cranberry Island as many times as they can (fellow Mainer Leah Frost won it this year, logging 46.2 miles, or 23 laps, in 5 hours and 50 minutes).

For his contribution this year, Allen brought 10 pounds of lobster meat he shucked, froze, and packed into his checked luggage.

It leaked during the flight, saturating everything in his duffle bag.

And in that moment was born an unlikely love affair between one of Maine’s most charismatic runners and a town looking to get back on its feet.And so now, as he inhales big bites of egg and potato, he’s demonstrating how he hung all of his clothes and camping gear to dry on the security fence of the Reno Airport while evading TSA and waiting for his rental car. And Allen tells it with such zeal that it draws the attention of both the locals and the hikers.Here’s this guy who handed out lobster salad on romaine lettuce, then ran for hours in blistering desert heat, wearing nothing but short shorts and leg warmers that look like they were stolen from a Muppet — all the while smelling like some poor sternman’s bait bag.In the years since, Millinocket has become a symbol for the failure of America’s manufacturing monotowns. Nonetheless, about 50 of his friends agreed to show up for what may well have been America’s first flash-mob marathon. It’s a gorgeous one: a lazy loop with lots of views of Katahdin and several miles on the iconic Golden Road, a 96-mile stretch of gravel connecting Millinocket and the Canadian border, before it drops back down into town for a finish at Veterans Memorial Park.Allen warned participants that they’d need to be totally self-sufficient during the race.

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