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And if the infiltration of Langley doesn't have the same pizzazz as jumping between two skyscrapers, watch again; expert staging -- and the repetition of "toast" -- gives the slightest misstep consequence.

And great action, like spycraft, is all about what goes wrong.yet!?

The final foot chase through the airport, clear inspiration for director’s herky-jerky approach is oft imitated, and never quite replicated. Bourne wasn't the James Bond for the post-9/11 world; he was the Mac Gyver. It's no surprise that the Subtlety isn’t James Cameron’s specialty.

Case in point: this scene, where Matt Damon fights an assassin with a magazine, chokes him out with an electrical cord, and then blows up a house by sticking said magazine into a toaster. - films might top it in terms of body count, but the first entry in Sylvester Stallone's long-running veteran-as-angel-of-vengeance series is the most emotionally potent, politically savvy, and just plain exciting of the bunch. Whereas Ridley Scott’s 1979 original reveled in the terror of a shadowy spaceship intruder, Cameron militarized the sci-fi world for a scope-stretching sequel.

When you compile a list of the greatest action movies ever made, the first question you have to ask is: what's an action movie?

Eventually, it landed on our shores -- and with high impact.

Aided by one of Carpenter's best synth-heavy scores, the film was notable for its brutality upon its release -- that "ice cream" scene still shocks -- but its portrait of camaraderie in times of crisis has made the film more poignant, and relevant, with each passing year.

Quentin Tarantino’s homage to '70s martial-arts flicks is the most brazen example of his hyper-stylized acts of violence.

While the script has plenty of surprises, it’s the tightly choreographed, music-free fight scenes -- a brawl with Channing Tatum at a diner, a hotel-room rendezvous with Michael Fassbender, and an epic throwdown against Ewan Mc Gregor on a beach -- that make this essential, ass-kicking viewing. A lean premise -- a professional assassin takes revenge against the mob after they kill his dog -- is matched by leaner action.

Keanu Reeves rolls, jumps, kicks, punches, and blasts two bullets into a growling thug on perfect cue.

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