Black athletes dating white

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Featured in the New York Times and Vogue for their fashion choices and socialite ways, this black couple is unbothered. The media's obsession with always broadcasting Black professional athletes and their girlfriends, baby mamas, mistresses and wives who happen to be of a different race.Kijafa stood by her man through a 2-year jail bid for dog-fighting. Kerry Washington and Nnamdi Asomugha This couple keeps their business under wraps but they give us a sneak peek at them winning just to keep it interesting. Eddie and Taj George Some say we can blame Taj for all this Baller Wives reality TV mess since she was a pioneer with her “I Married a Baller” show with Eddie back in the day.The NFL baller and Scandal actress tied the knot last year. Robert and Brandi Mathis This linebacker ran into trouble lately for using banned substances that he claims were part of a fertility treatment the happy couple was undergoing. This singing and sports collabo is still going strong which is more than we can say for a lot of these other reality couples.But that's another topic to be discussed at a later time. Since mainstream media refuses to shed light on White professional athletes who have dated black women in the past or are currently dating and/or married to a sista now, The Chocolate Chick will spill the tea on the subject.[Disclaimer: The athletes mentioned are white or Non-Black.“Speak for Yourself,” Whitlock discussed Kyrie Irving’s response via social media, after pictures appeared of Irving partying on a yacht with white women. I think he shouldn’t have engaged, he shouldn’t have responded over Instagram.

After that weird sidebar with Ciara, Amar’e and Alexis tied the knot in 2013. Truly the tall and the short of it, Caron stands at 6’7 while Andrea is just shy of 5 feet tall at 4’11.

Particularly when their significant other happens to be white.

The images below are what you generally see in the media constantly....

In the very near future, I will be doing a "Special Edition" post on Black Celebrity Couples, since yet again it's not shown that much in prominent media unless it's Will & Jada Smith or Jay Z and Beyonce.

Only a few make it to mainstream media and even they have a difficult time making it on the cover of mainstream magazines.

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