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The style, messages and format are similar for both books.

The nine delightful chapters in the female Black Book give generous attention to sexual assault, miscarriage and abortion, while the five chapters in the boys’ compilation chat more about their specific interests, such as, the workings of the penis.

However, concern was allayed when the Los Angeles District Attorney's office successfully argued that the list of clients should be blacked out when the court records were made available to the public.

That changed this week with the release of Gibson's new book 'Secrets of a Hollywood Madam'.

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There's also a section at the back with places to contact to find out more.

A Los Angeles Times reporter checked the court records and discovered that - with Gibson's legal appeals exhausted - the full text of her various entries were now available in their original, unredacted form.

According to the documents, as well as Willis and Jones, Gibson lists late film producer Don Simpson and the former lieutenant governor of Texas, Ben Barnes, as being among her big name clients.

Those who are less than savvy about today’s love lingo will appreciate the Glossary’s ‘translation’ of terms.

Also, importantly, each chapter has its own section in the Resource pages pointing towards more information.

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