Canadian interracial dating

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"You are my Black King," Heidi paused to say, before deep-throating the hell out of Kean's thick dark dick.

Leaning against the basement wall, Kean sighed happily as his wife sucked him off.

Kean was born and raised in the City of Kingston, Jamaica.

With a smooth thrust, Kean entered Heidi's pussy, and the middle-aged, lusty Irish-Canadian woman moaned, welcoming her husband's thick dark rod as he penetrated.

The handsome Jamaican-Canadian stud spanked his feisty white wife until her ass was beet red, and only then did he fuck her... " Kean demanded, as he put Heidi on her knees, and rubbed his long, dark dick against her full lips.

Heidi looked up at her husband, whose handsome features were stern, and he looked very different from the friendly and laid back man that she knew.

While studying civil engineering at the University of Toronto, Kean Mc Dowell met his future wife Heidi Calloway, a newcomer to Ontario, Canada, by way of Galway, Ireland.

The six-foot-tall, red-haired, alabaster-skinned and freckle-faced young Irishwoman found herself drawn to the big and tall young Jamaican when she saw him playing rugby with friends in the school's sunlit quad, one fine day in September 1993.

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