Chelsea wanstrath dating

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However, they only stayed together for a few months after the season finale.

Horst broke up with Baldwin while he was on deployment in the pacific. Naval Officer, and went back on duty, but he also found the time to date Donald Trump's ex-wife Marla Maples.

These two got engaged at the end of the season with their relationship lasting a year which is longer than most.

Meredith Phillps, after struggling with alcoholism and receiving treatment, then went on to write her own cookbook and pursue her dream of cooking.

There is little to no information on Ian Mc Kee so lets just hope he is doing something with his life. Jesse Palmer & Jessica Bowlin In this season, Jesse Palmer did not propose to Jessica Bowlin, but decided they should date instead. Prior to becoming the Bachelor, Palmer was a professional football player for the New York Giants and the Montreal Alouettes. Bowling then went onto graduate law school and pass the State Bar of California. This season was the first time there were two bachelors and the women had to choose which one they liked better, similar to what occurred this season on "The Bachelorette." After proposing, these two lovebirds stayed together for five years, which at this point in the show is a record.

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This couple is one of the few to have their lives together, and they actually live together. They have continued to grow their family and now have two children together.Schist rejected both of the proposals in the finale and decided to start a relationship with Ferris, the second runner-up. Jerry Ferris is now an actor and can be seen in some TV shows.After he proposed to her, on an episode of "After The Finale Rose," she then went on reject him saying that the chemistry was just not there for her in the end. Runner Up: Krisily Kennedy Where They Are Now: In the end, O'Connell did not propose to Sarah Brice, but the two entered into a two-year relationship that was then rekindled a year later only to last for another two years.After weeks of living in luxury, they now have to go back to their everyday lives, where instead of going on a helicopter ride over a volcano, their average date consists of take out Chinese food and a movie. Alex Michel & Amanda Marsh (The Bachelor) Runner Up: Trista Rehn Where They Are Now: Not Together.With a 14 percent success rate over the past 13 years, most of the couples did not make it out of the show alive. While Michel did not propose to Marsh at the season finale, they did enter into a relationship.

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