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Blue Sage was one of the region’s true pioneers of serious vegetarian cooking when I first reviewed its globe-hopping menu in 2001.But a lot has changed in the past 16 years, as mainstream audiences learned to embrace their veggies and vegan cooking became the new meat-free dining norm.Adventure eaters, meanwhile, relish Charcoal at night, when the next generation of Plescha cooks, brothers Mark and Eric Anton, turns down the lights and transforms the crisp gray room into airy perch over the Delaware River serving some of the most inventive, avant-garde fare anywhere in the suburbs.The siblings have matured by leaps and bounds since launching their dinners in 2008, mastering their high-tech toys (immersion circulators, pasta extruders, Cvap ovens) for dishes that are irrepressibly creative but also accessible, from the exceptional house sourdough to the five-step grilled octo with savory caramel.After opening (then selling) several other restaurants over the years (Mica, Ela), the Fayette Street kitchen is once again Roman’s primary focus.A lovely meal this summer reminded why this Vetri and Le Bec-Fin alum’s food is still a hit, from delicate ravioli stuffed with English peas in brown butter to a tile fish caught by the chef himself over basmati and Madras curry sauce.

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We also loved modern takes like the curry leaf corn soup, lotus root scallops, and a dahi vada starter whose yogurt-glazed lentil fritters are striped with a web of chutneys.There’s almost always stuffed roast pheasant, fresh fish with wild mushrooms, rack of lamb with minted risotto, and warm butterscotch cake for dessert.But so much here has, in fact, continued to evolve in the very best way.But my favorite dish here is still the lacy crunch of the onion rava dosa crepe bundled over masala potatoes.At first glance, little has changed in the decade since I last drove deep into the heart of Chester County to visit this cafe.

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