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Since we are new to the system, it took some time getting used to it (that is why I gave 4 stars instead of 5 for Ease of Use). However, I'm unsure if the credit card fees are the best when compared to other companies.

I also like that we can order POS paper supplies and only pay for shipping costs. Product Being Used: Restaurant Classic POS System Facebook Page As a business owner, Harbortouch has provided us with a great amount of flexibility for expansion without having to worry about the growth of our business and the impact it would have on our customers during the checkout process. The system works great, there have been a few hiccups, but the response from technical support has been stellar.

We found their POS system program to be the perfect fit for us, and were encouraged by their excellent processing rates.

Ever since they installed our system, we have continually been impressed with their unparalleled customer service, especially the personal service from Curtis Stevens.

I am an independent Harbortouch dealer, bringing you factory direct pricing with exceptional personal service.

I have been selling their system since the program launched in 2011 and have satisifed merchants all over the USA.

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Product Being Used: Retail Classic POS System Facebook Page I really like the Harbortouch POS so far. Not only by answering my questions, but having an extensive knowledge of the functionality of the system to the point of suggesting things that I had not considered. His actions have streamlined the user experience, and vicariously boosted moral in the restaurant.

It would be nice if the system allowed for on-account payments that could be paid later.

Also, the tax report could be more functional so that it worked well when paying sales tax at the end of the month.

I highly recommend this Harbortouch system to any small business owner looking for streamlined reporting and tracking that you can only dream about in terms of daily receipts, taxes, finances, and product inventory. Product Being Used: Retail Classic POS System Facebook Page When my wife and I were researching POS systems for our new jewelry store, we looked at a variety of options.

Harbortouch was the best option for us without question.

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