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When you call or visit the parish, you will likely first speak with the parish secretary. The priest will be your official guide for this process.Let that person know that you would like to set up a meeting with a priest to talk about marriage. He will seek to get to know your story so that he can accompany you in a more helpful manner on your journey toward a full sacramental marriage.You can benefit from methodological and pedagogical supervision to build your VAE file and the presentation in front of a jury.Aims : You will exchange with the jury during an interview of about 30 minutes based on your file.

In the case of partial validation, an interview with a counsellor is proposed to organize administrative and pedagogical oversight for your restart studies.The goal of this seminar is to draw your spousal life into the depth, wisdom and beauty of living marriage as a sacrament.This binds you more deeply to your spouse and draws both of you into the vibrant life that God offers us when we weave His love more perfectly into our family. Inventory – Your parish may have you take what is called a Convalidation Inventory.It’s an opportunity to hold a celebration that is joyful and meaningful, one that can have a positive impact on the rest of your married life. This process will include some paperwork, ongoing conversations, meetings, attendance at a seminar, prayer, etc.Most of these events will take place locally at your parish.

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