Dating an indie girl

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"The romantic comedy is dead" is a narrative we've come to accept.

Thanks to Jenny Slate being one of the most hilarious people around, Obvious Child is arguably the funniest film on this list.

Plaza attempts to be that partner, while trying to actually write a story about him for said newspaper.

But then the rom-com powers take hold, and she starts believing him and falling for him, and there is some kissing, and so on, and so on. The Baxter (2005)Michael Showalter was always curious about the romantic comedy, even before he co-wrote this year's rom-com parody They Came Together.

She and Stiller make an unusual and at times unlikeable pair. The only problem is that the woman in this scenario is not real. In it, Radnor plays a character who returns to his old college and falls for a wise-beyond-her-years 19-year-old student, played by the exceedingly charming Elizabeth Olsen.

(Her character's name, sadly, is Zibby.) Before you get into a huff about their age difference, the grossness of it is the whole point.

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