Dating and black women and white men

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One was a guy who was interested in talking to me, and the other was acting as his wingman.

The wingman walked up to me as his friend stood beside him and screamed over the music, “You’re perfect!

This would be a very informative book for those that are basically clueless of how to make a first move. Remember Charles Dickens that was paid for each word written? He enjoys unnecessarily repeating himself for pages and pages.

He also periodically declares chapter sub-topics then pontificates about them with as few as one sentence per paragraph but always ends with at least two quotes from well-known authors that may or may not have something to say related to the topic of discussion.

Good Points1) suitable warning that most Black women do not date White men2) tips for starting conversations with Black women in laundromats, coffee shops, book stores and clothing stores3) reminder to act White because you are4) suitable warning that some sisters can be a handful5) suitable warning that mixed couples of this persuasion are a novelty to some but a hate crime in the making to others6) standard suggestions for how to find her applicable to all women Bad Points1) no hints about how to tame the shrew2) ch 1 reads like a guide for serial killers to stalk Black women. 3) no warning about her hair issues4) no suggestion for safe conversational topics aside from somehow avoiding the whole race thing.5) no hints on stereotypes to avoid such as inviting her to dine at KFC6) no hints on how to gracefully handle Ebonics7) no hints on how to gracefully tolerate her prejudices I'm an African American female and I purchased the book to see what a dive a white man would give to other white men interested in dating women of color.

I have to say I loved loved this book the wrier is smart and he gets deep into the issue. I have never dated outside of my race but I am considering it so I purchased several books;don't bring home a white boy, and a black girl guide to dating white men. Don't bring home a white boy gives amazing history of white men and African American women love hate relationship but this book gives you the does and don't to dating and he hit the mark each time.

I wish I could say that I’m surprised and appalled by the ignorance that white men tend to show when they approach me, but I’ve come to expect it.

While white men are not the only group to hold racial biases and stereotypes against black women, they tend to be the least informed on the racialized and gendered issues that black women endure.

I would recommend that every white man interested in dating a women of color should read this book first thing give it to her as a gift as women of color can learn from it also. I have had several white men ask me out but they would say so an so bet me I wouldn't ask you out because your so beautiful. They should have left out the bet part and just told me they thought I was interesting and beautiful and I would have said Okay, why not.

He made it seem like just about all black men were abusive and just plain mean and black women were just dying to date white men to escape the turmoils of black men. I even wonder if Adam White (which is a pseudonym BTW) is even white or a man.

All we needed were for white men to get rid of their "ethnic" attire i.e., the "Kiss Me, I'm Italian" shirts or kilts or whatever. And since when were black women intimidated by these things? If you've read the first book geared toward black women, he told us not to wear our hair in natural styles and not to wear colors associated with Africa, etc... So, we all have to just give these things up to find the white man or black woman of our dreams. Some of the language he uses sound very feminine and the way he talks about black men, in particular, sounds like a black WOMAN wrote it.

So, because of the first book entertaining some of the interest I had in white men (Black Woman's Guide...), I wanted to see what Mr. It's like he just changed the genders and colors to fit the book's title.

let's see: The book was verbatim (in almost all places) what was written in the first book.

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