Dating in kerala cochin

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The eastern region of the state comprises of high mountains, gorges and valleys which are immediately west of the Western Ghats' rain shadow area.Forty one west flowing rivers and three east flowing rivers originate from this region.Major sources of exports are and traditional like coir and cashew as well as marine products and manpower. Kerala has a very well established infrastructure with a total network of motor able roads of about 145,704 km.In spices, pepper is the single most important product, with Kerala being the largest producer and exporter of black pepper. The total length of its National Highways is around 1524 km.In fact, Kerala has the highest physical Quality of Life Index too.

Nearly half of the population of the state is dependent on agriculture for income.

Rice is the most important cereal crop and staple food in Kerala.

Other key crops are coconut, tea, coffee, rubber, cashews, pepper, vanilla, cardamom, cinnamon and nutmeg. Kerala is well connected to the rest of the country by air road and rail.

The Muslims of Kerala are the descendents of the Arab traders who came to Kerala and married locally and finally settled down here.

The Arabs, who landed here after the Jewish men, brought the first wave of Muslims settlers.

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