Dating in the dark results july 27

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With a glance, Marshall, Carter and Dark could level a city, bankrupt a country; with a single call, they could plunge the planet into a thermonuclear war.Yet, to the eternal relief of all, they are the least volatile players in the anomalous field.They are, of course, willing to sell to any buyer; groups such as the Chaos Insurgency are some of their most valuable clients.Perhaps the organisations most opposed to Marshall, Carter and Dark are the Manna Charitable Foundation and the Serpent's Hand.Marshall, Carter and Dark convince the rich that the impossible is invaluable, while any anartist on a street can twist a die into a hypercube.The methodology of such a scheme is quite simple, but the critical step is to gain a market monopoly.People, regardless of social standing, are all the same.The poor may spend their savings on worthless yet treasured trinkets, sold by the middle class.

They often host anart exhibitions, exerting notable control of the artistic marketplace.

Similarly, they host various social functions for the most rich and powerful people in the world.

With hooks throughout Europe, America, Russia and China, there is never trouble finding a market for a given item.

They care about making money simply because they can.

To do so, the rich exploit people far below them on the social ladder, the poorest of the poor.

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