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July 15 showed that it was actually the followers of Gülen who had violent coup plans. Daily Hürriyet Editor-in-Chief Sedat Ergin recently published an article affirming that the perpetrators of the coup were the military officers who had risen to critical positions which were vacated by the sham Sledgehammer trial.

It is obvious that these cases served the purpose of undermining the power of Kemalists in the armed forces and replacing them with the Gülenists. Journalists who had written about the Gülen machinations in these trials endured slander campaigns and threats of arrests.

After we had won 100 mayorships from the 2009 local elections, they came up with the idea of these operations just to terrorize us.” The idea of the Gülen movement being the mastermind behind the KCK operations not only belongs to Kurds, as it was also confirmed by the AKP government.46 days later a high profile case called Ergenekon started. In these cases, military officials, opposition MPs and journalists were accused of plotting a violent coup to oust the AKP government.It later turned out that these cases were based on fabricated evidence and that most such fabrications were done by the Gülenists in the police.Now Gülen-linked officers stand trial on the Dink murder case.9.Fethullah Gülen in his recent op-ed for the New York Times makes a reference to the AKP’s crackdown on Kurds. Many of us, including myself, criticized the AKP’s handling of the peace process.

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