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Now When I go to update a value, it calls the updating method of the DV, which is handled in code behind on the page.Ok, Now I'm sure this was working the other day and I don't think I've changed anything but now it's not working and I can't see anything wrong with the code. Text using javascript getting value from textbox when edit button is clicked and both controls are present in gridview control Hi All using javascript I want to get value from textbox when edit button is clicked and both controls that is texbox and button are present in gridview control .I am trying to reach the content of this detailsview by doing somthing like this: void Change Role_Click(object sender, Details View Command Event Args e) But it doesn't work :( Someone could help ? How To Get A Control Value Of Detailsview In Insert Template i AM using detailsview for search where i'm initializing the details view in insert mode .You would either access the values via index or key. Refer here: View (and Grid View) don't work properly when not used with a proper datasource. :) you did but what I meant was that you were using this: //Even this Find Control does not help either to read the newly entered Text // Text Box test = (Text Box) dv User Record. I think the problem is to do with the new values from the textbox not being retrieved.As when I assign updated Name to Label1 it displays the old product name value and not the one in the textbox.

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Here is my detailsview: I tried adding a label to my page and then once updated Name had been assigned the value of the textbox I tried assigning that value to the label and it printed out the old product name not the one in the textbox.

To String) End If Next 'Dim t Name As Text Box = CType(dv Item Detail. Find Control("Name"), Text Box) 'Dim name As string = t Name.

dictionary contains the names and values of fields that uniquely identify the record to update or delete, and always contains the original values of the key fields before the record was edited.

my idea is to provide a button in the form , when this button is pressed it's getting the values from controls and pass it string where a qurey is performed against db and the result is displayed in gridview.

my question is that how can i get the value of controls when i press the mentioned button.

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