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And now this week, I find another, equally amusing halfwit who just doesn’t get it (the one you affectionately called a “crack smoker”..hehehe).It’s called TEASING…it’s a playful, flattering form of teasing.Your body language says everything about you to a woman…so, if you want to get better at attracting women, you’d better start paying attention to and taking control of it.Anything that has to be “learned”, really freaks some women out (as a side note, I’ve found that most of the women I’ve talked to in person about my ideas were OK with them.I don’t know many women who could explain this stuff the way I do.Oh, and feel free to send your picture and phone number with your emails in the future.

Yeah, I’m talking about your dad’s Penthouse magazines here — The one thing you can do with your body — without touching her — that will make her think you’d be good in bed.Women can “smell” it because women are approximately TEN TIMES better at reading body language than men.I’ve found that women HATE the idea that guys are doing ANYTHING “intentionally” to become more successful in the dating world.I make some of the girls I work with as well as my customers laugh.The thing is, when I go out to a bar or a nightclub, or anywhere else for that matter, I tend to clam up for some reason.

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