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This release introduces a standalone web installation experience for SQL Server Database, Analysis Services, Reporting Services, and Integration Services projects in Visual Studio 2017 15.3 or later. Schema Compare is now supported in Sql and the Data-Tier Application Framework (Dac Fx) API.

Known Issues Using Sql and the Dac Fx APIs you can now generate a deployment report, deployment script, and publish to a database all in one action. For details, see Schema Compare in Sql Package and the Data-Tier Application Framework.

The original report with the tablix I'm copy/pasteing works fine.

Found this bug report which exactly explains the problem I had: Summary of the above: When you copy/paste reporting services expressions from one place to another (I copied an entire tablix, with expressions in it) all the pieces of that expression get expanded to their full names.

The first row is the header, with the static titles like “Product Number” and “Name”.

The second row is the actual values for that list item.

And no matter how many times I create a list and add a table to it, I never remember to delete the detail rows.

Every time that happens, a cryptic error appears, and I have to remember how to fix it. With this blog post, I have now documented, for my benefit and yours, how to fix this!

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Another benefit is that for Azure scenarios, separate scripts for the master database and the deploy target database are created. Integrated workspace mode does not change how SSDT Tabular works with a workspace server and database.

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This change log is for SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT).

The Situation I have created a simple report, with a table. A table with detail rows is considered “dynamic” because the number of rows can change. To achieve this, I edit the table so all information is in the header and there are no detail rows.

I drag a list control on the body, underneath the table. A list is also dynamic, because the number of rows returned can change. To do so, I right-click the header and choose to Insert Row Now, when I Preview the report, I see two rows for each item.

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