Funny one liners online dating

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You want high quality images and movies showing women enjoying sexual climax, right?Orgasmaniacs gives you premiere quality photographs and movie footage of beautiful women having real orgasms. Man assumes women have it easy because they get a ton of attention.Man barely lasts two hours as a woman because the responses from his fellow men are so toxic. ( Markiplier: THE VENTILATION SYSTEM GOES OUT AND THEN THAT SON OF BITCH-Oh hey, heyyy, heyyyyyyyy! (flips the bird with both hands) BOOP-A-DOOP-A-DOOP-DOOP, I DON'T LOVE YOU AT ALL!

My name is Markiplier, and welcome to Infiltrating the Airship, the same game in the line of games made by the people who made the other games like Stealing the Diamond and Escaping the Pri- I dauuuuuua. My name is Markiplier, and welcome to BNKR, also known as 'Bunker' if you wanna analonin— analoni— analogininize like that...

That's a terrible idea, don't do it, don't even te- No, put the phone down, put the phone down! I'm Markiplier, I'm gonna find a way to screw it up in the worst way possible! Not that there's anything wrong with being homosexual, there's just something wrong with Mark being homosexual because it's funny. (smooth voice) And now we know there's more to life (starting to rant) than screaming at a stupid freaking octopus that doesn't know what he's doing and won't ever cooperate with you, (starting to shout) and will never do what you say- Markiplier: Got a sniffle?

"God, it's like a flashback to when I first played this game and it was all new, and there was like no story to be found and everything was just new and interesting; and I'm not saying it's bad now it's just a bunch of nostalgia and it's like, oh this time OH SHIT THE PUPPET" Markiplier: If you are of drinking age and are participating, I hope that you are drinking responsibly, and please for the love of god don't even think about driving or doing something stupid like calling your ex. I made a joke there, guys-- about Mark and him being a homosexual.

Wade: All right, this is an episode that's a throwback to Mark's desires— let's get started.

I'll just take out your kidneys and replace it with a brain.

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