Gay dating dc

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Finally, as gay man, I have first-hand experience that helps LGBT people with coming out issues, accessing community resources, reconciling lifestyle with spirituality, and more.

Instead of making your eyes blurry by poring over my resume at this point, why not chat with me online, relax, and speak at length until you've got a good feeling about working together? With this package, I'm an active teammate in helping you with your project, providing direct advice and problem solving, and offering full-range career services.

Gerry's life coaching helped me to deal with personal relationships, and how to focus on both short- and long-term career goals... I..gotten my tutoring side-business off the ground, grown both my number of clients and my rate, all while still managing a full-time job and getting married.

As a first-time entrepreneur, I was struggling to organize my ideas and learn how to network, make decisions, and execute.

In addition to reassuring you that we're a great fit for working together, it can help you to get unstuck, get motivated, and get moving again .

My clients run the gamut from accountants to artists.

Liking my page on Facebook, following me on Twitter, or following me on Pinterest are fun, easy ways to learn how to be happy, confident, and peaceful.

It's a great introduction to working with a Life & Career Coach. I'm a job-search expert who can help with all career-transition and advancement challenges. Peoples' purest intentions can be undermined by procrastination, worry, lack of knowledge, feeling overwhelmed, lack of motivation or confidence, unhelpful habits, distractibility, and so on.

To get a feel for my work from the comfort of your own home, please consider reading my new book, The book contains the "secret sauce" to my coaching style.This blog posting presents practical job-interview advice I commonly provide to clients. To get the job done well, a Life & Career Coach needs to help remove anything that's getting in the way.It's especially helpful for people who haven't interviewed in recent years. First, imagine a clear vision of success: for example, feeling established in a great new career, marrying a wonderful spouse, or enjoying your fit body. My unique, I provide far more than visioning, goal-setting, and accountability.One of the more common conflicts is deciding between accepting something or applying control in an effort to change it.This blog posting is a great example of how my Life Coaching helps people to make these judgment calls.

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