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Since the watch is from the 70’s, well after the Gruen’s were a part of the brand, I am not sure if that is still the case.

Nevertheless, a 17-jewel manual wound movement with date function that still runs very well powers the watch.

This one comes with the more expensive option of 18K raised numbers. This one is a 39 Jewel Self-Winding Automatic movement with Date Aperture at the 6 position. Many people revere the Longines-Wittnauer as some of the best watches in the world. E-mail Us To Purchase #2119 Classic Styled ELGIN For your consideration, a classic styled 15 Jewel Elgin. Once the time hits your preferred hour, the watch starts striking, either waking you up or alerting you to an appointment that you just can't miss... (there's a story there...) Nice 17 Jewel movement with date aperture at the 3 position, but unlike most watches, the size of the dial allows for the date without removing the 3 from the dial. A nice size at 42mm x 33mm not including crowns.9.00 shipping. I love the way the New Old Stock crystal adds to the look of the dial. The crystal is raised in the center, therefore giving the the watch a unique and interesting look.

Movement is cased in an original signed Hamilton 10K GF case. Beautiful 10K RG case measures approximately 34mm x 42mm. Here's a really nice piece to add to your collection or wear to the office. The watch is gold plated and has a signed Benrus stainless steel back. Just like you'd expect from The Clocksmiths.9.00 shipping. Excellent calibre 554 movement signed Elgin USA, serial number E308783. To add to the uniqueness of this piece is the slightly salmon colored dial. E-mail Us To Purchase #2002 Unbelievable RICHARD Alarm / Date Now this is Cool. E-mail Us To Purchase #2147 A Classic Scalloped BULOVA The hardest part about having a bunch of cool watches is deciding which one to wear each morning. The scalloped case design is very attractive, and if you have a look at the raised gold dial numbering, you'll notice the markers are a unique shaped that actually compliments the scalloped bezel around the dial. The watch measures approximately 39mm x 28mm and is signed L7 which dates the watch to 1957. Nice 17 Jewel calibre 10BT movement, recently serviced and ready to go.

Really, a pretty cool looking piece at a very affordable price..00 shipping.

The history of the brand is very interesting and for a detailed look I recommend reading this thoroughly researched on-line book by Paul Schlisser. Schlisser breaks down the story of Gruen from the arrival of Dietrich Gruen in America to the closing of their Ohio plant, Time Hill, in 1958.

#2395 Marvelous Movado The name Movado means 'always in motion'. Lots of photos from different angles so you can see how smart this watch really looks. This 17J 10BA movement has been recently serviced and ready to keep you going. Watch measures approx 38mm x 26mm.9.00 shipping.

Over the years, the swiss made Movados were known for their design and reliability. E-mail Us To Purchase #2383 Super Dress Solar Just love the look of this watch! E-mail Us To Purchase #2057 Thin Bulova circa 1959 Love the clean look of this watch. Nice black dial with gold numerals contrast nicely with the stainless case. Case shows a bit of wear in a few places, but still shows very respectfully.5.00 shipping.

That said they were a US based company with headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, where they received the movements, and assembled them into American made cases.

Their Ohio facilities were also a thing to behold, with architecture that gave it a fairy tale quality.

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