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The accusations began to receive isolated, sporadic publicity in the late 1980s.

2002-2003 - Gamer Web was acquired by Hi2 and developed into a live TV format on Sky.For this reason there is insufficient data to be able to accurately ascertain current rates of child sex abuse, or to claim that abuse in the Catholic Church has fallen in recent decades.The Commission revealed 7% of Australian priests between 1950–2009 were accused of abusing children, and that one Catholic order had 40.4% of their non-ordained members with allegations against them in this period.Many of the cases span several decades and are brought forward years after the abuse occurred.Although nationwide inquiries have been conducted only in the United States and Ireland, as well as an Australian inquiry into institutional responses, cases of clerical sexual abuse of minors have been reported and prosecuted in New Zealand, Canada and other countries.

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