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Perhaps the most significant of the traditions is the maypole, around which traditional dancers circle with ribbons.

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There are still people who climb the barriers and leap into the water, causing themselves injury.

Kingsbury Episcopi, Somerset, has seen its yearly May Day Festival celebrations on the May bank holiday Monday burgeon in popularity in the recent years.

Since it was reinstated 21 years ago it has grown in size, and on May 5, 2014 thousands of revellers were attracted from all over the south west to enjoy the festivities, with BBC Somerset covering the celebrations.

These include traditional maypole dancing and morris dancing, as well as contemporary music acts..

Whitstable, Kent, hosts a good example of more traditional May Day festivities, where the Jack in the Green festival was revived in 1976 and continues to lead an annual procession of morris dancers through the town on the May bank holiday.

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