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Jessica tells the camera that "dating is awful" and that she could see a future with Rhine.

She assumes their relationship is exclusive, but he's still swiping on dating apps.

The second episode focuses on dating apps, and the show explores things like cam sites and same-sex porn videos, which the movie didn't really address.

There are so, so many facets to the industry, and the series does a great job at presenting a variety of perspectives.

She and her mom are very detail-oriented; the way the two of them talk about their work, you'd think they were describing a traditional art form.

But with the number of porn sites online now — many of which are free — there's less demand (and budget) for work like hers, which has a higher production value and takes more time to create."There are mostly male directors and producers in this industry, so I'm one of the very few females," Randall tells the camera.

The six episodes feature a number of male points of view.

"My clients come to me because they want that feminine touch in their work."Randall also says that she's unsure if there's a "place" for her in the industry, questioning whether she'll still be able to work in porn in 10 years' time.

But if she tries to transition into, say, fashion photography, Randall is worried that the "stigma of porn" could keep potential employers from hiring her.

(Suze suggests that her daughter should be a sex therapist.)Erika's story, meanwhile, is more uplifting.

She encourages women to speak up about what they want to see in porn, and says that she wants more women behind the cameras, too.

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