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I talked to Rajeev Kumar, the commissioner of police, and said the idol should be removed immediately.

The organisers much tender unconditional apology,” West Bengal Medical Council chairman Dr Nirmal Maji told HT.

Some doctors threatened to complaint to the authorities against the puja organisers. Our work is not yet complete,” said Dinesh Bajaj, chairman of the Mohammad Ali Park puja committee.I have been active in BDSM since I was 18, and have close to 7 years of experience. No impact toys will be used on my face or genitals. I have the right to say no to anything I do not consider safe and sane play, or that breaks site rules. I have the right to charge extra for things that go above and beyond the normal scope of a show (make a mess) or cause extra wear and tear on my body. A Few Things about BDSM play---In the BDSM community, safe, sane and consensual (SSC) are common principles guiding relationships and activities. As the controversy grew, the puja organisers shielded the idol with a screen and put up a placard with the words ‘work in progress’.“We want to caution the people against fake doctors. The inauguration of the puja is scheduled on Sunday.Bajaj said the organisers have nothing but respect for genuine doctors and contempt for the fake ones.

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