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My read on the process was that items in liquidation will NOT be charged LTS fees.I did not see the details on the process, so will double check that re what happens to them.I would only do that if there is good demand elsewhere.If it is pricing, look at what the competing price is compared to what yours is.If you have eligible inventory that you wish to liquidate, it may be wise to do so sooner rather than later.You can learn more about Liquidating Your Inventory in Seller Central: hope this information provides some clarification, but please do feel free to respond with any additional questions you might have. -Scotty This is for inventory that's been unsold for 6 months.I'd like clarification so I can be sure I'm making the right decision between liquidate or destroy.

What about regular storage fees over the 60 days that Amazon is trying to liquidate the inventory?If someone wants to buy and then relist on Amazon then more power to them.It's leftover inventory that I was unable to sell and don't plan to try selling again unless market conditions change drastically.You will not be charged a Long-Term Storage Fee for inventory in U. fulfillment centers if you file a removal order for it before August 15, 2016.You also will not be charged removal-order fees for inventory for which you request liquidation, and these units will no longer be charged a monthly Inventory Storage Fee.

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