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Deb grew up in Vermillion, the daughter of Dean and Irene Swisher.Mark believes in the importance of volunteerism and community service, and particularly enjoys working to help kids.But he wants to allay fears that he might overhaul Woodford’s fund, and argues that his defensive style is very similar.‘I believe the approach he has pursued, and I have to an extent, is the right way to deliver superior returns,’ says Barnett. I want to reassure investors that the process will be similar.’ In the few weeks since the announcement, Barnett is being hauled to many more meetings with big investors while his spare time is rapidly diminishing.

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‘I haven’t run as much money, that is true,’ he says, ‘but even with smaller sums, I am a long-term investor. I identify companies for the long-term and hold them.

Not long after joining, Barnett was made manager of the Perpetual Income & Growth Investment Trust, now among the top performers.

He boosted its value by 240 per cent over ten years and has grown the share price 260 per cent, while the market has gone up only 140 per cent.

He was born in Sioux Falls on September 6, 1954 to Tom and Dorothy Barnett.

Mark's ancestors settled in Dakota Territory in the late 1800's, and quickly built a reputation for honesty, faith, public service and BIG families.

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