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But that year Beau started to experience dizziness and auditory hallucinations while out on his runs, and then, on a vacation, he suffered a stroke-like episode that landed him in a Chicago hospital. There was hope initially that it might be benign, or that perhaps Beau had lymphoma, which is often curable.But a few days later, by which time Beau had been transferred to the M. Anderson Cancer Center, in Houston, the family was informed that Beau’s tumor was a glioblastoma, Stage IV.Beau and Hunter, not quite four and three years of age at the time, were also in the car, and sustained injuries that kept them hospitalized for weeks. Whether it was the loss of his mother that imbued him with this trait or an inherent part of his character, Beau bore a sense of responsibility beyond his years. “Beau was that child who always took charge of everything,” I was told by Jill Biden, who entered the boys’ life in 1975 and married Joe in 1977.(The boys embraced her immediately and grew up calling her “Mom”; they were joined in 1981 by a sister, Ashley.) Jill, now a professor of English at Northern Virginia Community College, remembers the young Beau as preternaturally poised and principled—a boy who, before he even turned 10, offered to fix a flat tire for one of her friends, and took umbrage at the inappropriate tone with which a gas-station attendant addressed his stepmother as “Honey.”“I always knew that Beau would follow in his dad’s footsteps,” Jill said.

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is a brisk, often uplifting read, a consequence of its author’s congenital jollity and irrepressible candor.Biden has never been a wealthy man; he is that rare creature in Washington who earned his living from a government salary the whole time he served, for 36 years as a senator and 8 years as vice president.I asked Biden why he chose to write this particular book, a relatively slender volume (250-odd pages) about a relatively narrow band of time, rather than collect his thoughts and produce, down the road, a memoir of his years in office.“He loved politics; he loved the campaigns, the picnics and coffees and parades.” Follow he did.After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, he went to the same law school as his father, at Syracuse University, and then eased into public life, working as a federal prosecutor and in private practice before pursuing office in 2006.

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