Martin lawrence dating pam

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Martin and Gina loved each other madly, just like Ralph and Alice; Pam was Trixie; and Tommy and Cole were both Ed Norton (with an emphasis on Cole).

Season 4, Episode 11December 3, 1995Martin calls on Sheneneh, Brother Man and Cole (Carl Payne) to help him baby-sit Gina's cranky godson.

Season 4, Episode 12December 10, 1995The Payne's brass bed becomes a pain for Gina (Tisha Campbell) when she gets her head stuck in the bars of the headboard.

Season 4, Episode 23March 28, 1996Pam (Tichina Arnold) undergoes hypnosis to overcome her fear of dentists, but wakes up with a different personality...

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Season 4, Episode 3September 23, 1995Sudden songbirds Gina, Pam and Cole meet with a chorus of disapproval when Martin helps rapper the Notorious B.

Season 4, Episode 8November 5, 1995Gina (Tisha Campbell) doesn't cut it as a housewife after Martin's talk with her boss gets her fired.

Season 4, Episode 9November 19, 1995Cole (Carl Anthony Payne II) fouls out as Martin's assistant until he lands Charles Barkley as a guest on his friend's show.

Season 4, Episode 19February 18, 1996Single Sheneneh appears on a dating game show, hoping to make a love connection with guest Chris Rock.

Season 4, Episode 20February 25, 1996Gina's birthday bash for Martin (Martin Lawrence) turns into a bust when his friends decide to boycott it.

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