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The dilation is a sign that the autonomic nervous system — the system that controls involuntary actions like pulse and breathing — is ramping up.Traditionally, researchers have studied arousal and sexual orientation by asking volunteers to watch erotic movies or pictures while attached to instruments that measure blood flow to the genitals.A gaze-tracking camera recorded the pupils during these videos, measuring tiny changes in pupil size.People also reported their own feelings of arousal to each video.[6 Gender Myths Busted] This doesn't mean that all straight women are secretly bisexual, Savin-Williams warned, just that their subjective arousal doesn't necessarily match their body's arousal. One theory is that because women have been at risk of being raped throughout history, they evolved to respond with lubrication to any sexual stimulus, no matter how unappealing. The next step, Savin-Williams said, is to look at pupil measurements and genital measurements at the same time, to test how well they correspond.

"And the opposite with gay men, their eyes are dilating to men." The eyes have it The link between pupil size and arousal goes way back.

Simply asking people if a given stimulus turns them on or not is equally problematic, as people may be ashamed to admit their desires or even deny them to themselves.

It's also difficult to ask direct questions about sexual orientation in many cultures, Savin-Williams said.

[5 Myths About Gay People, Debunked] Measuring arousal To get around these issues, Savin-Williams and his colleague Gerulf Rieger, also of Cornell University, turned to the pupils.

They recruited 165 men and 160 women, including gay, straight and bisexual participants.

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