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Dari 10 lbr stock film, 8 dicoba di indoor, outdoor, siang, malem hasilnya begitu semua. Ane mintanya sih tuker unit tapi seller ga mau, malah nyaranin klaim garansi ke Fuji.

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Ted is has been positioned as Don’s antithesis – he is light where Don is dark, he is sober when Don is drunk, he’s reliable etc and the one person who has consistently beat the Ted is awesome drum is Peggy.

- Tgl 23 ane WA seller nanya kabar kamera ga direspon - Tgl 24 ane WA agak ketus lg baru dijawab, bilang waktu service 7 hari kerja.

Ok- Tgl 11 di WA sampe hari ini tgl 14 ga dibaca tuh WA.

This wasn’t a forced confession like his one with Betty, but a moment of clarity where he let the veil drop and he revealed part of his true self.

It doesn’t make up for all of his actions this year (particularly when it comes to his affair with Sylvia) and it doesn’t justify all of those flashbacks (really did we need that many to understand that he is damaged because of his whorehouse upbringing), in fact hearing Don talk about his experience gave a lot more insight into his feelings about that time in his life than the flashbacks did.

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