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: This page is about the process of incarnating, during the entire period of pregnancy, seen from both the mother's side and the incarnating soul.First you will see how Carol's experienced the conception, pregnancy and birth of her son, expressing it visually in the form of a series of pastel paintings.My articles in the House of the Sun will help you on your path, but they are not the ultimate truth.I hope that my articles will make you aware of your Self, will give you knowledge and insight, and that they will help you improve your life.This article gives you a short overview about who or what God, or the Divine, is, based on people who have experienced the Divine, or God, each in their own way.

No longer only their privilege, this book is now available for everyone.

I was born in 1959, and I went through life of study and self-exploration.

I have had many spiritual experiences that have widened my awareness about life, the cosmos, Self and many other subjects.

: very interesting visionary texts from a remarkable book by Jan-Anton van Hoek.

This is about memories from ancients times, visions, transcriptions of akashic books, immortal emperors, the root of the Aryan people, esoteric history of the Grail and more. Chapters in this section:: a summary from the book by Sri Aurobindo, in which he explains in detail the process of meditation, and the attainment of the spiritual, divine awareness.

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