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Like any person who does not know them, I saw these places as if they had been reserved for a certain type of people and there was some sort of access key.

In fact they are places open to all, I do not know if necessarily, but I find that the openness to all visitors is increasing with every year.

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The majority of our work comes from word of mouth referrals and our list of satisfied customers grows every day.I thought I would be terribly embarrassed to see naked people. First, I found so to say “interesting” to see so many men suddenly naked when up until then I had only seen the two boys with whom I had some stories.Definitely a penis without erection is not the best of aesthetics, however, to stimulate my curiosity…In my personal experience, I have seen only naturist beaches where people come with families or friends to spend some time feeling real close to Mother Nature.Here, besides the costumes, many definitions fall to the ground to make room for a single term: Naturism.

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