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Secondly, they make interactive communications possible for people wishing to use such services. It’s vital that you do understand the negatives of why businesses use 1900 numbers.

Then you can make an educated decision regarding the use of such a service, regardless of whether you’re a business or a consumer.

These numbers are excluded completely so you can’t expect to escape the cost if you wish to use them.

It’s important to understand that the 1900 phone numbers are not covered under phone plans that give you free calls or capped rates.If you dial a 1900 sex chat line such as, you pay anything up to .00 per minute or a flat fee of to have a live conversation with a lady about whatever tickles your fancy.There are also numerous dating chat lines where the conversations can range from the very mild to the extremely explicit.Popular TV shows such as American Idol and X Factor allow you to vote for your favorite performer.Avid fans of such shows ring up numerous times to vote and this all clocks up more money for the companies that do the advertising.

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