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), they cut the check within minutes, and I left right away.

I’ve only been at the new job a few weeks, but it’s a great environment so far and I have high hopes.

While this wasn’t entirely moral, I heavily implied that I’d consulted two lawyers who disagreed with her ADA assessment and that firing me could lead to a lawsuit.

I didn’t talk to a lawyer; my comment was based off of the two lawyers who you quoted in your blog post.

” Eventually, I told one hiring manager the truth and he confided that he is also severely allergic to dogs and that it would never happen at his company (a small start-up). It was a slight pay decrease, but included stock options and surprisingly better health benefits! I was so upset about the whole situation that I called a meeting with the company lawyer, HR department, and my boss.

I gave notice, saying I was leaving immediately with no transition period due to the hostile work environment.

Before any of you ask – it’s illegal to record someone without their knowledge in my state, so I didn’t pull out my cell phone, but I did note the names of the people.

My close friend (and one of my only supporters) was also in the bathroom and agreed that if needed, she would testify on record about overhearing that conversation.

People were up in arms – if this was the middle ages, there would have been pitchforks.They didn’t openly blame me and no explicit comments were made, so I thought it would be OK. Instead of outright comments, it became subtle things.I was no longer invited to standing meetings and when I pointed that out it was explained away as an “oversight.” I was excluded from new meetings about teapot design that I was integral to and when I found out about them and asked, I was told that teapot handle design wasn’t changing (but it did in the mockups – someone else was doing my job! If I sat at a table at lunch, everyone at that table was suddenly not hungry and would leave.I told them that if there were any issue with my paycheck or backlash against me (including defamation), I would bring a lawsuit.We agreed to what they would say if they were contacted as a reference in the future, I got it in writing (!!

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