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The retired businessman had gone to the aid of a man whose house Mc Loughlin was in the process of raiding.

Historic: Lord Chief Justice Thomas read the ruling to the Appeal Court this morning where he and four other judges deemed whole-life sentences legal as Britain struck a blow against the European Court of Human Rights Last July, the European court provoked fury by ruling in favour of three killers – Douglas Vinter, Jeremy Bamber and Peter Moore – saying their whole-life sentences were an ‘inhuman or degrading punishment’.

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There were also fears that the ruling would stop judges handing down whole-life tariffs in cases now before the courts – including Woolwich killers Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale.The change from the current 30 year closure period to 20 will be achieved through an accelerated release of material over a ten-year period, between 20.As part of the annual sensitivity review we routinely release several hundred files, after the appropriate closure period has expired.We recommend that you consult our online catalogue before you visit and let us know what records you would like to see.The catalogue contains descriptions of records, rather than the records themselves.

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