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Guest stars: James Cosmo as Matthew Chapman, Paul Copley as Dick Radcliffe, Patrick Connolly as Keith Hawkins, Nicky Evans as Graham Thompson, Lynn Farleigh as Mary Radcliffe. A caregiver is on a good thing borrowing things from patients. Guest stars: Justin Chadwick as Derek, Annette Crosbie as Penelope Stirling, Simon O'Brien as Vince, Michael Carter as Auctioneer.

The peace anti-bomb movement comes to the village and starts the locals fighting.

Guest stars: Glyn Owen as DCI Paddy Merton, Nick Moran as Rick Parker, David Boyce as Clerk, David Birrell as Charlie Hasty, Tom Beard as Gerry, Stuart Wolfenden as Pete Davies, Mary Woodvine as Susie, Keith Woodason as D. But the youngster is using his position at Ashfordly Hall to make life difficult for the officers, and even Blaketon is powerless against him.Greengrass runs into trouble after adding local events together.John Duttine appears later from episode 264 as Sgt George Miller Guest stars: Cathy Sandford as Val, Philip Glenister as Julian Cantley, John Duttine as Paul Melthorn, Antony Byrne as Duncan. Guest stars: Daniel Ryan as Jamie Hunter, Jonathan Magnanti as Bill Gallagher, Jim Millea as Jim Clayton, Ashley Nelson as Jadran Lazlos, Roy Boyd as Joseph Lazlos, Eleanor Bron as Maria Lazlos.Guest stars: Genevieve Walsh as Hannah Davies, Jack Deam as Alan Maskell, Ben Forster as Arnold Merriweather, Joyce Kennedy as Mrs. Holroyd, Roy Alon as Car Driver, Shirley Stelfox as Mrs. Teenagers and salmon poachers keep the police busy. Hamilton, Suzanne Hitchmough as Sandra Murray This episode starts with a short behind-the-scenes introduction.Three young boys have nothing better to do but to have fun, which does not go down well for those on the receiving end, then it gets mistaken in a neighborly dispute. First appearance of Rupert Vansittart as Lord Ashfordly.

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