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She sets up a Skype date, and after Flo finally figures out how that works, it seems like this relationship can be repaired.

Keep in mind, however, Jesse and Gabi still don’t fess up about their partners or children. Maybe don’t make up when your parents are clearly on the move in an RV and can easily change their travel plans to visit. I gotta say, seeing Flo confuse Max from behind for Steven was pretty funny.

I have a sneaking suspicion a lot of moms have and will see this film, so there goes that cover story for anyone considering it! It’s been even harder on Jesse, who hasn’t spoken to mama bear in years.

This year, Gabi wants to put an end to their fighting.

In this case, Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, Kate Hudson, Jason Sudeikis and, as always, Hector Elizondo.

Some other noteworthy actors appear in the film as well, including everyone’s favorite pretty little gay, Shay Mitchell.

But we’re in this for Sarah Chalke and Cameron Esposito, who play lesbian couple Gabi and Max. Her sister, Jesse (Kate Hudson), lives right next door and loves Max and their son, Charlie.

Max doesn’t really see it that way, but that’s because she’s just shocked.

She introduces herself as Gabi’s partner, to which Jesse chimes in with “partner in crime.” To her credit, Gabi ends the charade by clarifying that Max is her “life partner.” Max looks on proudly, but after Flo’s confusion continues, she now spells it out: they’re married.

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