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Expert Reviewed Take your dog's paw, and use a pair of dog nail clippers to trim the tip of the nail off, just below the quick.

File the nail down to remove any roughness, and give your dog a treat.

For leisurely living dogs, that might mean weekly pedicures, while urban pooches who stalk rough city sidewalks might never need their nails cut at all (except their dewclaws, if they’ve got ‘em).

There are two basic styles of nail clippers for dogs: a scissors type and a guillotine type.

Even with the most patient and gradual of introductions, there are dogs who seem unable to get over their terror.

If your dog falls into this category, do not force him to submit.

Avoid nipping the quick, which is the pink area within each nail that contains nerves and blood vessels.

Don’t trim at a blunt angle-try to maintain the existing curvature of the nail.

Lola’s nail trims run more along the schedule of a trip to get a manicure. Crappy clippers can mean un-clean cuts and pain for your dog. This is where Murphy’s Law comes into play – if you don’t have it next to you when trimming your dog’s nails, you’ll accidently cut too short. Here’s my solution: I started asking her for a sit, giving her a treat and then grabbing her front paw, folding it under so that her paw was facing the ceiling and then I clip one front nail at a time.

If your dog finds both kinds of clippers intolerable, the alternative is to use a nail grinder, an electric tool that sands nails down.

These offer great control, but take more time than clippers, and some people (and dogs) find the sounds and vibrations they produce unpleasant.

They work equally well, so choose the design you’re most comfortable with.

Be sure to buy the correct size for your dog, too-for example, you don’t want to use huge clippers on a tiny toy dog.

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