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I do have a script for it that I have yet to get In that case, then triazolam, temazepam, or some kind of antipsychotic would probably be the most sedative drugs that can still be prescribed today.And who knows what other research chemicals they got out there man.I think he was looking for ones that were actually still prescribed these days.If someone has experience from both levomepromazine and quetiapine please share it with us?

Just lock the fridge door before you take it : D You find Mirtazepine more sedating than Seroquel? Seroquel knocks me out fast but then again I haven't taken Remeron in awhile.I Agree, but I've heard that brotizolam is even harder according to people who've tried both.But then again, a 1993 British study found temazepam to be the most sedating benzo. But I guess there is a difference between 'most sedative' and 'knock out power'.Anti-psychotics as mentioned can be very sedating, some more than others.Barbiturates, especially at higher doses would be very sedating, but they are very dangerous especially at higher doses, and not prescribed anymore for insomnia, well Seconal does still exsist, but you'd have to jump through many hoops to get a prescription for that.

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