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The London tram network runs from Wimbledon through Croydon to Beckenham, where it has proven a popular mode of transport. There is no need to use ramps or any other special features to board.

Additionally, all tram travel is free for wheelchair users, irrespective of whether or not they hold a Freedom Pass.

Tramlink trams run every 10 minutes in the daytime on Mondays to Saturdays to Wimbledon, Elmers End and Beckenham Junction and about every seven minutes to New Addington.

Download a Tramlink map from the Transport for London website When it comes to tickets, trams are treated as part of the bus network.

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A single trolley wire is used on the mainly street-running section between Station Street and Wilkinson Street, on the slow single line section between Cinderhill and Phoenix Park which involves three road crossings in very quick succession, and on the Phase Two lines to Clifton and Beeston which feature a large amount go street running.

On the faster reserved track sections from Wilkinson Street to Cinderhill and Hucknall, catenary is used, except for the northbound platforms at Bulwell Forest, Moor Bridge and Butler's Hill, and the non-preferred platform at Hucknall, which use trolley wire.

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