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During a bad flare up in the first few weeks of university, her GP prescribed her with accutane.

The drug – marketed under the brand name Roaccutane in the UK – is known for it's dramatic effect of clearing up acne but comes with potentially serious side effects including suicidal ideation and pancreatitis.

One of the favourites for the Strictly Come Dancing crown this year, she revealed she starts each day with a spoonful of finely ground silver particles.

Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow is also a fan and uses hers as a spray when she goes on flights to ward off germs, she revealed on her lifestyle website, Goop recently.

I just felt like never leaving the house ever again.'It was while reading endless blogs and articles on-line while shut away in her room that Charlotte came across Silver Serum.She would spend hours before going to school or leaving the house trying to mask her spots.'I'd wear gallons of make-up to try and cover up my acne but it would slide off my face within a few hours and I'd have to replace it,' she said.'I was worried about anyone seeing my skin without make up. I didn't even want my parents or my twin brother to see me bare-faced.'As a teenager that meant saying no to invites from friends and sleep-overs.'By her late teens, Charlotte's acne had gone from bad to worse and her dermatologist told her it was 'the worst case of acne he'd ever seen'.'I'd developed a serious social phobia about going out at all,' she said.Now 27, the after school assistant tried all kinds of treatments – including antibiotics and the controversial drug Roaccutane –but nothing had any long-term effect.Charlotte finally found relief after using a £12.95 cream which contains colloidal silver – and has found the confidence to date.

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