Sophia bush and michael angelakos dating

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All bands have a mythology around them, and Passion Pit’s begins with a man and a woman.

It goes like this: When he was a student at Emerson College, Michael Angelakos recorded a set of songs in his dorm room and gave them to his then-girlfriend as a belated Valentine’s Day present.

The statement came during a conversation on Bret Easton Ellis’s podcast that began (after a lengthy monologue from Ellis about Quentin Tarantino’s recent controversies) with a discussion of Angelakos’s mental-health struggles and the media’s treatment of them.

“It’s pretty amazing how often my life can be condensed into a very-easy-to-rattle-off monologue,” Angelakos said, before any mention of his sexuality.

If anyone wants to get a head start, you can start submitting right now but you have until July 7th to get your submissions in so no rush!

Happy Valentine’s Day, people who love watching other people’s bad relationships.

So I know this is REALLY early but I’m starting this now so that we can get as many submissions as possible (Sophia’s birthday is July 8th).

For the remainder of the costuming and styling I sourced vintage designer pieces from Golyester, What Goes Around Comes Around, Decades, and Resurrection.Later on we’ll also add a crowdrise team where you can donate money to her favorite charities.Please don’t mention this to Sophia, we want it to be a surprise on the day of her birthday, but please reblog this and spread it around (on twitter, facebook, everything) so that as many people as possible can submit and this can be an awesome present that Sophia will see. In a 2012 Pitchfork profile, he said that she stopped him from jumping out of a window during one of his manic episodes, and some of the songs on his most recent album, quoted when it covered their divorce this past August.Passion Pit’s latest extra-musical chapter began Monday, when the 28-year-old Angelakos for the first time said publicly that he’s gay.

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