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A the end of the year, the effective cash balance was zero."It's a swirling mess, frankly," Warren said."It's a mess in terms of pollution and health and it's a mess in terms of the democratic process."With dozens of new sites added to the inactive hazardous waste list each year, and no real push to give DENR more money and more power to crack down on polluters, the number of stories like Drey's will grow as well."It continues to be a concern," Drey said.Two years after tainted private wells were found along Wake County's Stony Hill Road, there's been no effort to fix contamination of the drinking water. Cathy Akroyd, a DENR spokesperson, said homes and schools with documented drinking water, air or soil contamination get top priority for cleanup.

A report submitted in early May shows the cleanup process led to the emission of unacceptable levels of trichloroethylene, or TCE, a chemical known to cause cancer.

That includes decommissioned industrial facilities, abandoned dry cleaners and old landfills.

Despite the sometimes active threats to water or air, many of these sites take years or decades to clean up, if they're cleaned up at all.

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