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Because the line in the eroded block survives about as well as the newer blocks, the two materials must be similarly durable.It then follows that by the apparent rate of aging, the heavily eroded blocks should be at least several millenia older than the newer blocks.

It is evident that one block is a lot older than the others, as the position of the newer blocks marks the extent of erosion in the older blocks at the time If the big blocks were to be Roman, then the newer Arab blocks would mark the erosion of the older Roman blocks as it was after the first six or seven-hundred years.

Regardless of such touchy issues, I have several personal observations, which support dating of Baalbek's megalithic walls to the megalithic era.

Have a look at this nice northwestern view of the wall (right image) as it was circa 1870. It was devastated by wars and finally by a major earthquake several centuries ago.

Local Arab legends place the cyclopean walls (the Baalbek Terrace) into the time of Cain and Abel.d) Roman and Megalithic styles of building.

Orthodox scholars of today scoff at all suggestions that , despite the fact that building with megalithic blocks was not at all in the Roman style, and was no longer practiced in those days. The Colosseum still standing in Rome is a good example of a were quarried and transported in prehistoric times would invite uncomfortable questions on what technology had made it all possible.

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