Travis wall dating

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It is gorgeous and irresistibly prods you into singing along. And this song is about whatever you intepret it to be about Oasis can not even be COMPARED to green day.

Every time i think of this song I think of an old friends talking to one another, and one friend is confronting each other with how much they have changed. me and three of my closest friends put on this song almost everyday!! The song is about George Harrison releasing his solo work so recently after his Beatles work. Ryan Adams (is another musician, other than the Bryan Adams you are talking about)did a cover of this song for the television show The O. and then released it on his album, Love is Hell, in 2004. Oasis released the song in 1995 and Ryan Adamas released it in 2004. Did any one who listened to Oasis listen to Sex Pistols OR the Ramones NNNOO.

I think that Simple Plan stole this song and made "Your Love Is a Lie".

You cling to the past and hope that they can save you. It's one of the first songs I learnt to play on the guitar and I still play it pretty much everytime I pick up a guitar....( Not that I'm defending Simple Plan; their music is garbage, Oasis is far better)I absolutely love this song.Its so amazing, the lyrics, the melody, the harmony.beautiful. And no, this song ISNT about Noel and his divorce from Meg Matthews. You have your dreams and your heros (Today's the day that their going to throw it back to you) and then you become an adult and realize that they are never going to throw it back to you.There's even a movie about George Harrison doing these very things and it's called..guessed it... This song is apparantly about "triumph in the face of adversity". Manchester City) where Manchester City formed a wall against a free kick, and kept blocking all the shots United took at the goal, going on to win the game. [This was on a documentary about the song.]This is for Kevin, from Lakewood, OH. punk stars for having a gosh darly blue day and sounding like Oasis!Claire, it's a free country, so if someone wants to say bad things about Oasis then they can.

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