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We know in domestic violence relationships there are a lot of threats made — 'I'm gonna take the kids, I'm gonna hurt you.' Women know that isn't an empty threat." Instead of asking why women don't leave, we should make it easier for them to do so."We need to have the resources out there to make it easier for women to leave," Kaminsky says.

"Imagine if the discussion were framed around that, instead of, 'Well, she's a free agent, she can do what she wants.' We have over 10,000 cases a year coming into the Brooklyn DA's office.

I wish people could put themselves in that situation: If I had to all of a sudden leave my husband, where am I going to go? Or be relocated but all your family and everything you know and your kids' school is in your old neighborhood?

People say she could go here and she could do that, but I wish they would think, Would it be so easy for me to do that? There's no good reason for a victim not to call the police. But many hesitate because they don't want their partner to go to jail, or because they fear calling may escalate the violence, or because they don't trust that the police won't themselves act violently — a legitimate fear, especially in communities of color and for LGBT victims of violence.

It's easier to judge why other people stay in a relationship than to understand that human relationships are complex, and for the people in abusive ones, the abuse is not necessarily what defines the relationship."There's also legitimate fear that separating from their partner will lead to more violence, given that women in abusive relationships are most at risk when they try to leave."What people don't realize is that when there's domestic violence, the fear is real," Ray-Jones says.

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Abusers may also push your sexual boundaries by coercing, pressuring, threatening, or intimidating you into unwanted sexual activity, or even sexually assaulting you.

You can question why she's staying, but let's talk about the difficulty of leaving.

If you can't afford child care, who's going to take care of your children? Let's talk about universal, affordable, safe child care. In New York, it's so expensive to live — where are you telling people to go if they're in a relationship and they live together?

"We talk about it as if it's a very simple solution: If someone is very abusive to you, you just walk away. If you are economically dependent on someone and you depend on them to pay the bills, if they're paying the mortgage or the rent or putting food on the table, or if you're the one working and you can't afford child care, that makes it harder to leave."Kaminsky says we shouldn't be so quick to judge from outside a relationship.

And all of us can have blinders on when it comes to love.

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