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WARNING: This is an open forum, posts are NOT endorsed by SAYNOTO0870. Written permission is required to duplicate any of the content within this site.The UK Border Agency (“UKBA”) has recently announced that it now has a fleet of five cutters patrolling the United Kingdom’s coastline.These fast patrol vessels form part of the recent transfer of some customs responsibilities from HM Revenue & Customs to the UKBA.“We can see no reason why UKBA personnel cannot perform their duties in a way that does not imply that the public is doing or has done something that is against the law”, continued Gus.

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However, in response to a number of letters from RYA members who have been victims of ‘stop and search’ raids at sea, the RYA has approached the Minister of State for Borders and Immigration to seek clarification of the statutory powers of the UKBA cutter crews and boarding parties.The change with the biggest impact has been that it is now common for our clients to enlist the services of an immigration specialist to guide them through their visa application and we therefore provide a bespoke service, tailored to their requirements.We continually enhance our software and services to ensure that this part of our service is both compliant and efficient as possible for our clients.However, Tom Harris, MP for ­Glasgow South, described the pilot as "political posturing" and criticised the way it asked asylum-seekers about their desire to go home. If someone has applied for asylum and is pursuing that then the question has already been answered."This is all about pitching to ­particular people in Britain, not asylum-seekers.

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